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6 Reasons to Work with a Microsoft Gold Partner

Read time: 5 minute

Most organisations will invest a lot of time and effort into doing research on a chosen product or platform. But what about the partner who they are trusting to work on the platform? We’d venture to say this is an area that gets a little less attention…and even sometimes completely overlooked.. Any partner you work […]

Is it time to consider an alternative to Excel?

Read time: 3 minute

Spreadsheets are amazing. Flexible, easy to use and super powerful. But when does a spreadsheet become too valuable? At what point should you consider an alternative to excel? With an increasing number of businesses, institutions and government departments learning the hard way that they needed more than Excel, there’s never been a better time to […]

Proper risk assessments when it comes to spreadsheet management

Read time: 2 minute

Just by looking at the news and seeing the recent demise of one of the biggest construction companies in the UK, it has become apparent the potential dangers of poorly managed spreadsheets. Carillion is just one of many examples where there are multiple departments using hundreds of spreadsheets that have no resemblance of quality control […]

Are Excel Training Sessions Worthwhile? 

Read time: 4 minute

There is a generally held opinion that if we take one golden nugget of information from a training session, training has been worthwhile.  While it is true to say that one piece of learning can make all the difference, we believe that expectations can be pretty low for Excel training sessions. Many companies who contract […]

14 Excel Shortcuts to Maximise your Efficiency

Read time: 1 minute

  There are so many nifty Excel keyboard shortcuts that can maximise working efficiency and learning the potential of this powerful platform to transform your work is a career long learning curve, as more improvements come on stream with updates.  However, there are some great efficiencies you can make starting today with a selection of some […]

The Pros and Cons of Different Versions of Excel

Read time: 3 minute

What version of Excel are you using? Microsoft regularly provide upgrades to their editing platforms, offering new features, but with upgrades come inevitable pros and cons in practical usage.  We wanted to look at the Excel landscape of our readers, to help assess whether it’s time to review your current version and consider upgrading, or […]

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