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Pharmaceutical data


Clients such as Novartis, Peak and BD have trusted us to produce analytical tools to help create product reviews and market assessments, which have subsequently made them more efficient and set them apart from the competition.



We’ve helped clients such as Adidas with their pricing and distribution models, so that they can deliver the best possible experience to their customers.



Forecast models and internal accounting process reviews are just a couple of ways in which we can assist our clients from within the finance sector.


Real estate

We have built innovative solutions such as portfolio analysis and investment forecast models for large real estate companies such as Savills, who have since been able to exploit their tool’s extensive capabilities to take their real estate management to the next level.



Our partnership approach with clients like Airbus has seen us take on a pivotal role in some major data transformation projects taking the accuracy and efficiency of their data to new heights.


Manufacturing & Logistics

Budget analysis, cost planning and optimisation tools are regularly requested from clients working within the Manufacturing and Logistics industries – our extensive knowledge means we’re constantly able to produce the best process improvement tools.



We work closely with our clients to ensure we have complete clarity of their requirements, it’s this approach that has seen us simplify data challenges for clients such as British Council.



Our promise to make data simple, means that you can have access to newfound opportunities allowing you to outthink the competition and completely set you apart.

Not for profit icon

Not for profit

The amount of data we come into contact with on a daily basis is increasing exponentially, leaving many of our non-for-profit clients questioning whether a) they’re processing the data as efficiently as they should, and b) what the data is actually telling them. We help our clients by reviewing their data and processes and then making them simpler and more efficient – and crucially – scalable.