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What is Microsoft Power Automate?

Designed to create efficient workflows, Microsoft Power Automate allows users to set up automated sequences, known as “Power Automate flows”, that can streamline repetitive tasks across various applications. 

Whether you’re looking to enhance data transfers, manage notifications, or synchronise files, Power Automate can transform how you handle business processes. With its ability to connect with a multitude of platforms, both within and outside the Microsoft ecosystem, it’s a game-changer for organisations aiming to boost efficiency and reduce manual interventions.

The Tangible Benefits of Microsoft Power Platform and Business Process Automation

140 %
ROI in 3 Years
45 %
Reduction in Development Costs
18.8 %
Increase in Efficiency
27.4 %
Reduction in Errors

Microsoft Power Automate Use Cases

Power Automate is revolutionising the way organisations handle their workflows. Here are just a few examples of its transformative capabilities…

Task Automation & Notifications

Traditional task management can be tedious, leading to overlooked responsibilities or missed deadlines. With Power Automate, teams can set up automated reminders, notifications, and even workflows that respond to specific triggers (e.g. sending out an email after a form submission or updating records after a purchase). This ensures tasks are completed on time and reactions to events are prompt and appropriate.

Data Synchronisation

Manually updating data across multiple platforms is time-consuming and prone to errors. Power Automate bridges the gap between different apps and services, ensuring that data is consistently synchronised. Whether it’s updating a CRM, syncing files between platforms, or populating databases, automation ensures accuracy and efficiency.

Approval Workflows

Seeking approvals can be a lengthy process, especially in large organisations. Using Power Automate, businesses can set up automated approval workflows. This streamlines the process, ensuring that documents, requests, or any items needing approval are routed to the right individuals promptly.

Feedback Collection & Analysis

Gathering feedback is crucial, but analysing it can be daunting. Power Automate can be set up to automatically collect feedback from various sources, aggregate it, and even provide preliminary analysis. This ensures that businesses stay in tune with their customers’ needs and can act on insights faster.

Microsoft Power Automate Use Cases

Powerful Alone. Unstoppable Together.

While Microsoft Power Automate stands strong as an individual tool, its true potential is unlocked when integrated with the broader Power Platform. And when you bring Bespoke XYZ’s unique offering, Pulse, into the mix, you’re gearing up for unparalleled digital transformation.

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Power Apps

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Power BI

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Copilot Studio

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Power Pages


Pulse – Power Platform Adoption

Pulse isn’t just a service; it’s a commitment to ensuring your organisation harnesses the full potential of the Power Platform. Over an 8-week period, we provide a comprehensive methodology that covers adoption planning, enablement, and action. Our goal? 

To guarantee your organisation’s long-term digital success.

  • Adoption Planning: We identify key stakeholders, assess technical readiness, and conduct in-depth workshops to understand your business needs and challenges.
  • Enablement: Dive deep into the technicalities of the Power Platform. We train and coach you on planning, designing, and deploying solutions tailored to your needs.
  • Action: Armed with a well-defined Power Platform strategy and the skills you’ve acquired, we collaborate with you to chart the best path to adoption.

By combining the might of the Power Platform with the expertise of Bespoke and the Pulse framework, your organisation isn’t just powerful – it’s unstoppable.

Pulse – Adopt the Power Platform
Pulse - Power Platform Adoption

Any Device. Any Time.

Desktop Integration


With Power Automate for Desktop, you can craft and oversee desktop flows right from your Windows environment.

On-the-Go Automation


Power Automate for Mobile ensures you’re always connected. Execute and manage cloud flows anytime, anywhere.

Centralised Management


Power Automate for Web offers a comprehensive portal where you can design, manage, and monitor all your automation aspects.

Team Collaboration


Integrate automation seamlessly into your team’s workflow with Power Automate for Teams. Manage cloud flows directly within your collaboration hub.


Help Me Choose the Best Automation Solution for My Needs

Navigating the world of automation can be daunting. With so many capabilities and options available, how do you determine which one aligns best with your business needs and objectives? We’ve got you covered.

Answer a few questions about your business operations, challenges, and goals, and our Power Automate experts will guide you toward the right Power Automate capability for you. 

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Help Me Choose the Best Automation Solution for My Needs

Understanding Flows in Power Automate

Flows are the heart of Power Automate, designed to simplify and automate your workflows. They’re your ticket to reducing manual, repetitive tasks, giving you back valuable time to concentrate on the bigger picture.

Power Automate flows are categorised as;

  • Cloud Flows: Ideal for automating tasks across online services.
  • Desktop Flows: Perfect for automating tasks on your local machine.
  • Business Process Flows: Streamline multi-step processes that require user input.

Keen to delve deeper? Check out the Microsoft guided tour.

Microsoft Power Automate Tour
Understanding Flows in Power Automate

Power Automate & Pulse FAQs

Power Automate boasts a vast array of connectors, spanning various platforms and applications. For a comprehensive list, you can check them out on Microsoft’s official website.

Pulse is Bespoke XYZ’s unique 8-week framework designed to ensure organisations fully harness the capabilities of the Power Platform. It covers adoption planning, enablement, and action, ensuring a strategic and hands-on approach to digital transformation.

While Power Automate includes RPA (robotic process automation) capabilities, it’s more than just RPA. Power Automate allows for both attended and unattended RPA, automating repetitive tasks and integrating seamlessly with various applications.

Yes, Power Automate is included with specific Office 365 licences. For instance, Office 365 E3 provides access to Power Automate. However, the features and functionalities might be limited compared to a standalone Power Automate licence.

Microsoft Flow was rebranded as Power Automate in 2019. Essentially, they are the same product, but with an updated name. The rebranding was part of Microsoft’s strategy to align it with the Power Platform suite.

Using a Power Automate expert has several advantages:

  • Tailored Solutions: Every business has unique needs. Experts can customise your Power Automate flows to ensure optimal efficiency and effectiveness tailored to your operations.
  • Swift Implementation: Speed up the deployment of your automation processes and see tangible results faster.
  • Advanced Integrations: Beyond the multitude of pre-built connectors, specialists can seamlessly integrate more complex systems, ensuring consistent data flow across platforms.
  • Ongoing Support: Benefit from continuous assistance, ensuring your automation processes remain up-to-date and adapt to evolving business needs.
  • Training & Knowledge Transfer: Equip your team with the skills to manage and modify flows, fostering self-sufficiency and confidence in using the platform.

By collaborating with a Power Automate expert, you’re ensuring a comprehensive, evolving solution for your business process automation needs.