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How to Merge Cells in Excel

Read time: 2 minutes

The formula you use to merge cells in excel is typing &” “& between each selected cells and then press Enter on the formula bar. e.g   =A1&” “&B1&” “&C1” By leaving a space between the &” “& you will have a space between the data, entering  &”, “&  will separate the data with a comma. […]

Standard Deviation in Excel

Read time: 1 minute

To calculate the Standard Deviation in Excel, you start by clicking on the formula tab on the ribbon and then click on the More Functions button. From the drop down list choose Statistics and then click on Std Dev button. When the Function Arguments dialogue box opens up, enter the cell range of the list […]

Gantt Chart Template in Excel

Read time: 2 minutes

A Gantt chart template for Excel will allow the user to schedule tasks in a specific project that will chart it from the start date to the completion of each task. A Gantt chart will make it easier to visualise a project from start date to completion, with each task of the project will have […]

The IF Function in Excel

Read time: 1 minute

  Using the IF function in Excel can be very useful in a spreadsheet. The IF function will allow you to check if a condition you have set is true or false. You can use the IF function in a formula to give a result, depending on whether the data expressed in a cell meets […]

How to Make a Graph in Excel

Read time: 2 minutes

Making a graph in a Excel spreadsheet is fairly simple and can be used to show data in a more visual format. There are different types of graphs available including, column, bar, line and pie charts. The type of graph that you use in a spreadsheet depends on the type of data results you need […]

How To Find Duplicates in Excel Using Conditional Formatting

Read time: 1 minute

Sometimes when you are using Excel spreadsheets, you may find that you need to check cells for duplicate values,  for example if you have merged data from two worksheets into one and you have to check if data has been duplicated. There are various ways of  finding the duplicate values in content, but the simplest […]

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