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Microsoft Copilot: Where AI Meets Human Creativity

Read time: 5 minutes

The buzz around Microsoft Copilot is getting louder by the day, and it’s not just empty noise. This innovative AI tool is fast becoming a key player in reshaping the way we work. With its advanced features like automated content creation, in-depth data analysis, and efficient task automation, Copilot is not just another tech trend […]

The Future of Efficiency: Exploring Business Process Automation

Read time: 5 minutes

Efficiency is more than a goal, it’s a necessity for businesses trying to stay competitive. As more and more organisations seek to streamline their operations and elevate productivity, they’re turning to business process automation (aka BPA).  But, what exactly does this transformation really entail, and what tools are at its forefront? Let’s find out…  Understanding […]

Our 5 Top Tips for Getting the Most out of Power BI

Read time: 1 minute

1. Ensure a clear layout that is easy to digest Clear data visualisation is key, so pay attention to how users will read the dashboard (i.e. left to right). Make it easy for the user to understand; they should be able to take a quick look at any data visualisation and immediately understand what it […]

Microsoft Digital Partner of Record (DPOR)

Read time: 1 minute

For every solution that we design and deploy, we need to deploy the associated licenses. We’ve answered some common questions on this below. Who is a digital partner of record? The Partner of Record for Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, Dynamics 365, Power Platform (Power BI / Power Apps / Power Automate), and Microsoft […]

Understand Global Emissions on Earth Day with our Power BI Dashboard

Read time: 1 minute

The Power Platform Centre of Excellence: Your Digital Transformation Ally

Read time: 4 minutes

Digital transformation is a HOT TOPIC. Everyones talking about it (including us). But how many are actually walking the walk? You see, technology isn’t the stumbling block. It’s the people. People are the secret sauce to successful digital transformation. And that’s where the Power Platform Centre of Excellence (CoE) comes into play. Imagine the CoE […]

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