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Maximising Your Workflow Efficiency with Power Automate Support: Why Expert Guidance Matters

Read time: 4 minutes

In today’s fast-paced world, we’re all trying to do more with less. And with tools like Power Automate, life is a heck of a lot easier! It offers a simple way to automate workflows and simplify day-to-day operations. Sounds good, right? But keeping up with all of those workflows is a different story. And if […]

Elevating the Standard: Microsoft’s Cloud Partner Program

Read time: 3 minutes

Last year (October 2022) Microsoft rolled out their brand-new Microsoft Cloud Partner Program! This new approach is designed to simplify the partner network program and focus more on what customers actually want. What is the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program? Microsoft has revamped its partner program to focus on solutions that cater to the evolving workforce. […]

Seeing is Believing: How Power BI Dashboards Can Transform Your Data

Read time: 5 minutes

When it comes to “data”, it’s easy for the uninitiated to feel overwhelmed by seemingly mundane numbers, graphs, and comparisons. Without the right tools to decipher the intricate layers of data, it can all appear quite daunting. With Power BI dashboards, though, that’s not the case!  Power BI dashboards reveal the stories buried deep within […]

110 Power Automate Use Cases & Examples For Businesses

Read time: 12 minutes

Microsoft Power Automate is a powerful automation tool that allows organisations to work smarter, not harder! And, chances are… if your organisation already has an Office 365 subscription, you’ll have access to its incredible capabilities at your fingertips – you just won’t be using them (yet). Power Automate allows your organisation to streamline and eliminate […]

Discover Some of the Best Features Within Power BI That Allow You to Get More From Your Data

Read time: 1 minute

For international women’s day, we asked one of our female Power BI developers to create an insightful dashboard which demonstrates some key stats around the change in the percentage of females in ICT roles throughout Europe over time. In this short video, one of our Project Managers walks you through some of the best features […]

99 of the Best Power Apps Examples Across 11 Industries

Read time: 11 minutes

It’s widely known that Microsoft’s PowerApps platform is rapidly becoming the primary way for organisations to automate processes, modernise their legacy apps and solve problems at scale, all while saving money and streamlining their processes. PowerApps give users rich business logic and workflow features. Meaning that you can take all those tedious manual business procedures […]

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