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Activate the Formula Bar Using an Excel Shortcut

Read time: 1 minute

When you are working in an Excel spreadsheet you have the option of entering data or a formula directly into the cell you are working in, or you can use the formula bar that is situated just above the work area of the spreadsheet. You may often find it easier to enter or edit the […]

Benefits of Hiring Excel Consultants

Read time: 2 minutes

  In any business, time is best spent on core activities that add real value. Arguably, trying to fix a legacy spreadsheet, doesn’t fall into the category of ‘adding value’ – yet so many businesses spend a huge amount of time doing just that. This is where hiring Excel consultants can really help.  Advantages of […]

Key Reasons Why Firms Engage In Excel Outsourcing

Read time: 1 minute

Excel outsourcing is very common. When an Excel programmer is working within an organisation it becomes a lot easier to reap the full benefits of the Excel application. There are many things that can be done with Excel that many basic users may not know about. Many employees may know how to create spreadsheets for […]

Benefits of a Microsoft Excel Expert

Read time: 1 minute

There are a lot of businesses that are interested in Microsoft Excel and all that this programme can do for reports and general business documentation. It is very important to have a Microsoft Excel Expert on board to handle a lot of the different tasks that may need to be completed in the business world. Creation […]

How to Make a Graph in Excel to Visualise Data

Read time: 1 minute

Creating eye-catching, informative visual representations of data is very simple yet so many excel users do not know how to create such graphs and charts. This article will go through step by step on how to make a graph in excel and some simple formatting options. The first stage is to create your series of […]

Warehouse Order Calculation

Read time: 1 minute

A project recently completed by Bespoke Excel involved the creation of an automated picking list that could be utilised by the client to determine the various components of specific orders. The client sells custom garden storage areas that have various component sizes depending on the overall dimensions of the ordered product. In the past the […]

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