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Bespoke Enters The US Market

Read time: 2 minute (UK) and (US) Announce Strategic Joint Venture The Combined Entity Establishes a Premier, Global Microsoft-Focused Automation & AI Consultancy. Rockhop and Bespoke today announced they have entered into an agreement to create a premier global Automation & AI consulting company bringing together industry leaders across both countries. The combined group is being established […]

Microsoft Copilot: Where AI Meets Human Creativity

Read time: 5 minute

The buzz around Microsoft Copilot is getting louder by the day, and it’s not just empty noise. This innovative AI tool is fast becoming a key player in reshaping the way we work. With its advanced features like automated content creation, in-depth data analysis, and efficient task automation, Copilot is not just another tech trend […]

Power Platform: 2023 release wave 2 | A Review & Our Expert Opinion

Read time: 5 minute

Every year, Microsoft release two “waves” of new features for the Power Platform and here at Bespoke, we’ve been eagerly reading up on all the latest changes in the second wave for 2023! There was a tonne of announcements, and in this post, we’ll explore some of our favourites along with how we think they […]

The Future of Power Platform Tech: Digest From the Inspire Event

Read time: 4 minute

Recently, our CTO and Tech Consultant had the exciting opportunity to contribute to one of the Microsoft Inspire 2023 event sessions. As a company passionate about digital transformation, we were thrilled to immerse ourselves in the latest advancements in Power Platform Technologies and AI. The event was a veritable treasure trove of insights, brimming with […]

Back to the Future: Tracing Tech’s Trajectory from 2013 to 2033

Read time: 6 minute

Do you remember 2013? A time when our biggest concern was how Walter White’s empire would crumble in the final season of ‘Breaking Bad’, not how big the cloud could get, or if AI could actually take over the world. Ah, simpler times. Back then, Windows 8 was the shiny new thing in tech town, […]

Elevating the Standard: Microsoft’s Cloud Partner Program

Read time: 3 minute

Last year (October 2022) Microsoft rolled out their brand-new Microsoft Cloud Partner Program! This new approach is designed to simplify the partner network program and focus more on what customers actually want. What is the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program? Microsoft has revamped its partner program to focus on solutions that cater to the evolving workforce. […]

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