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Data Literacy is Becoming a Must For Decision Making

Read time: 1 minute

As modern business begins the shift towards data driven decisions, teams are now more than ever expected to be able to analyse, organise and display data to influence business decisions. Although data is fast becoming a vital player in optimising business performance, a recent study showed that only 20% of business leaders are data literate; meaning […]

The benefits of optimised data collection

Read time: 2 minute

Collecting data from an array of platforms can be both a massively positive, and negative decision for businesses. Having too many data sources can just as easily leave you and your team feeling lost, as it can boost your insights. With the varying options for data collection, analysis and visualisation, it can be hard for […]

How to safeguard business data

Read time: 2 minute

These are the options for how to safeguard data: Password protection Data encryption Maintain firewalls When you think about it, the most valuable thing on your computer or network is the data you create. After all, that data is the reason for having the computer and network in the first place—and it’s the bits and […]

2018 calls for data pool optimisation for companies looking to maximise ROI

Read time: 2 minute

Over recent years, it has been more than evident that some businesses have struggled to adapt to the evergreen data sources; leaving them in limbo when it comes to attaining a solid ROI in any area.   With the growing number of data streams and databases, it is hard for users to do what is […]

Business automation – how does it impact overall performance

Read time: 2 minute

  When it comes to efficiency, there are always cases where automation can be implemented. The question is, is going through the trouble even worth it? There are multiple benefits that must be taken into consideration, some of which can be tricky to measure, albeit that can have a noticeably real impact on business. We’ve […]

Benefits of Hiring Excel Consultants

Read time: 2 minute

  In any business, time is best spent on core activities that add real value. Arguably, trying to fix a legacy spreadsheet, doesn’t fall into the category of ‘adding value’ – yet so many businesses spend a huge amount of time doing just that. This is where hiring Excel consultants can really help.  Advantages of […]

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