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As modern business begins the shift towards data driven decisions, teams are now more than ever expected to be able to analyse, organise and display data to influence business decisions.

Although data is fast becoming a vital player in optimising business performance, a recent study showed that only 20% of business leaders are data literate; meaning that a massive 80% are missing out on the full potential that their data holds down to an inability to chop and screw their data to get impacting insights.

Being able to confidently work with any data allows companies of all shapes and sizes to go take their data to new lengths and begin to gain valuable new insights to save time, money and optimise virtually any process possible. This has been proven time and time again, through companies opting for a tailored data handling system to eliminate outdated processes and errors.

Since the shift towards data driven business, companies are opting to undergo data or Excel training in an attempt to improve their teams’ data literacy. Although training can be massively beneficial, many companies are opting specifically for tailored training, as this allows trainees to apply the pioneering processes learned, to their work, rather than being left with no applicable knowledge or skills to work with.

It is well known among managers and decision makers that creating a team of innovating leaders, rather than a team of followers is the best way to get the most from any team. This is down to all team members being able to take the initiative and think like a leader, instead of a follower, which time and time again is exactly what team members needed to progress in their role.


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