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A project recently completed by Bespoke Excel involved the creation of an automated picking list that could be utilised by the client to determine the various components of specific orders. The client sells custom garden storage areas that have various component sizes depending on the overall dimensions of the ordered product.

Stock Calculation

In the past the client would have to assess the overall size of each bin ordered and then individually determine what components would be required to include in the sale item. The new workbook created by Bespoke Excel meant that the overall size of each product in each order could be entered, and then a full picking list would be created for the total order. This increased the client’s packing efficiency and minimised the exposure to human error, therefore allowing accurate orders to be processed more regularly throughout the day.

The finished product can be seen below. It includes an input sheet that indicates the number of items to be ordered alongside the dimensions of each individual unit. The macro installed allows such information to be calculated and processed to produce a picking sheet that caters for the complete order which is then assigned is own unique coding system.

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