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Struggling with purchase order process headaches? Slow approvals, manual errors, and endless paperwork/emails can throttle your business’s efficiency. But what if you could change all that with just one tool?

Welcome to the Power Platform. This robust solution cuts through the chaos, transforming how you handle purchase orders – faster, smarter, and error-free. In this blog, we’ll show you how automating your purchase order system can not only save time but transform your operational workflow.

The Problem with Manual Purchase Order Processes

While many businesses have embraced digital solutions, some still handle purchase orders (POs) manually, leading to inefficiencies and errors. 

Let’s take the example of a client we recently assisted – a company with about 45 staff authorised to issue POs, including 22 site supervisors and managers. 

Here’s a closer look at the challenges they faced and how these are common in manual systems:

  • High risk of human error: Initially, our client relied heavily on manual data entry, which was prone to mistakes like incorrect details or duplication. For instance, their POs were manually written, incorporating user initials, a Sage number, and a unique identifier. This process was susceptible to errors, leading to incorrect orders and payment discrepancies.
  • Inefficient use of time: The company’s manual PO process was labour-intensive. Each PO had to be physically handled by the accounts department, which waited for paper copies to be posted to the office before they could match them with invoices. This not only slowed down operations but also took staff away from more strategic tasks.
  • Limited visibility and tracking: With manual processes, the client lacked real-time visibility into the status of POs. This lack of transparency made it difficult to manage inventory effectively and often resulted in delays, as the necessary approvals were difficult to obtain and track.
  • Complexity in scaling operations: As the business grew, so did the volume of purchase orders. The manual system couldn’t keep up without additional strain on resources, leading to bottlenecks and increased errors.
  • Compliance and audit difficulties: The client’s manual process made it challenging to maintain consistent records, complicating auditing and compliance with financial regulations.
  • Cost inefficiencies: The manual handling of POs necessitated more staff hours and made the correction of errors more frequent and costly.

The transformation came when we implemented a customised solution using Microsoft Power Platform. This system automated the entire PO process, from creation to approval, and included features such as automatic emailing of POs to relevant people. 

This not only streamlined operations but also significantly reduced errors, improved compliance, and enhanced overall efficiency.

Simplifying the Purchase Order Process with Power Platform Automation

Fed up of all the tedious steps involved in managing purchase orders? You’re not alone. But the Power Platform can make this process almost effortless

Let’s break down how it turns the old-school approach into a streamlined, automated powerhouse…

Quick and Easy PO Creation

Imagine creating a purchase order with just a few clicks. With Power Apps, that’s your new reality. The app pulls in supplier details and prices automatically, letting you skip the manual entry and focus on what you need.

Smart Supplier Selection

Choosing the right supplier doesn’t have to be a guessing game. We can build an app that shows you preferred suppliers or those with the best terms, directly within the interface. Need a quote? Send requests right from the app, and get responses fast – no more separate emails and phone calls.

Instant Approvals, No Delays

Once you hit submit, Power Automate takes over. It routes your purchase order through the approval process you’ve set up – whether that’s straight to a budget manager or through several levels of checks. No more chasing people for signatures, everything is automated and transparent.

Direct to Supplier

Approved? Great! The PO is automatically sent to the supplier to fill your order. This isn’t just fast – it cuts out the errors that happen when things are typed and re-typed across systems.

Seamless Invoice Matching

When the invoice comes in, it’s checked against your PO automatically. If the numbers match, it moves on for payment approval without you having to lift a finger. If not, you’ll get an alert so you can handle it personally.

Automate and Relax

Finally, approved invoices get paid, records get updated, and everything is stored neatly. Power Automate ensures your payments are on time, and your records are accurate for when audit time rolls around.

With Power Platform, you’re not just automating the boring stuff – you’re boosting accuracy, cutting costs, and freeing up your team for bigger things. It’s about making your process leaner, faster, and more reliable, so you can focus on growing your business.

Our Proven Process for Streamlining Purchase Orders

Implementing a new system can seem daunting, but our structured, proven process ensures a smooth transition and successful outcome. 

Here’s how we guide you through each stage:

Purchase order process

1. Discover

We kick off by setting clear goals and reviewing your current processes. This stage is about understanding your specific needs to ensure our solution aligns perfectly with your business objectives.

2. Development

Using agile methods, we quickly develop your solution in sprints. This flexible approach allows for continuous improvements and early benefits, even before full deployment.

3. Playback Review

During these sessions, we present our progress, gather your feedback, and refine the solution. This iterative process ensures the final product meets your exact needs.

4. Deployment

We carefully implement the new system and provide thorough training to your team. Adjustments are made based on practical case studies to ensure optimal performance and user-friendliness.

Why This Works

This streamlined process not only aligns with your goals but also adapts to new insights, ensuring a powerful, user-friendly system that simplifies your purchase order processes.

Ready to Boost Your Purchase Order Process with Automation?

If you’re fed up with the slow pace and errors of manual purchase order processing, it’s time for a change. Automation with Power Platform not only simplifies your processes but also enhances your overall operational efficiency.

We’re here to make the transition smooth and hassle-free. When you’re ready to take the leap into automation, just give us a shout. We’ll explore your current setup, pinpoint the perfect areas for improvement, and show you exactly how Power Platform can make your daily operations easier.

Interested? Let’s chat about how we can tailor a solution to fit your unique needs. Get in touch today and take the first step towards streamlined success.

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