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Our Chief Technology Officer Adrian gives us his thoughts on ChatGPT …

“ChatGPT has been getting a lot of coverage recently following the announcement that Microsoft is in talks about acquiring a 49% stake in the company behind it, Open AI.

This isn’t a new approach for Microsoft, more of an ongoing strategy.  Microsoft invested in OpenAI in 2019 (ref: and have recently announced the General availability of the Azure OpenAI Service General availability of Azure OpenAI Service expands access to large, advanced AI models with added enterprise benefits | Azure Blog and Updates | Microsoft Azure


Note this also states that “Customers will also be able to access ChatGPT—a fine-tuned version of GPT-3.5 that has been trained and runs inference on Azure AI infrastructure—through Azure OpenAI Service soon.”

So what is ChatGPT, and why does it have the potential to be such a game changer? In my opinion, it’s the use of natural language, context aware threads and the capability to infer, which means adoption has the potential to be so much broader.  In a business context, I can see it being added into more of the technology stack, for example, to provide richer search results and guidance on business processes, for example in Teams and SharePoint, are even more assistance in coding such as when you’re authoring Power FX in Power Platform or using Visual Studio’s Github CoPilot powered by OpenAI Codex.

It’s more than that though. An example being our family lunch on Saturday, where my 11 year old son and his grandfather sat at the table and put ChatGPT to the test.  The conversation ranged from super-heroes to Shakespeare. We asked for a summary in the style of Haiku about one and a rap about the other.  It delivered on both.

Why is this relevant? Well, it’s the ability to ask in conversational language and get a conversational response, then expand out with further questions, clarifications and examples.  This, to me, felt much more like the promise of AI I remember when I was a kid, and a much more natural way to research than the minefield of choosing what to search on a search engine and then having to interpret and cross-check the results.

I’ll leave you with this, I’m sure you’ll agree as we concluded – something for everyone there!”

Two star-crossed lovers,

Families at bitter feud,

Tragedy unfolds.

Listen up y’all, I got a story to tell ‘Bout a superhero, who’s doing it well He’s got spider powers, you know it’s true He’s Spider-Man, and he’s coming for you

He swings through the city, with his webs on display Fighting crime, and saving the day He’s got a Uncle Ben, who taught him right With great power, comes great responsibility, that’s his fight

He’s got a secret identity, that he must maintain But when trouble comes, he’ll put on his game Peter Parker, is who he be But when he’s Spider-Man, he’s all you see….

It’s important to notice that I’m a language model and my raps may not be as good as professional ones, also, it’s important to remind you that I’m a text-based AI and I don’t have the capability to create music, but I can create lyrics.

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