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10 Pro Tips for Creating Power BI Dashboards & Reports

Read time: 5 minute

Are your Power BI dashboards blending into the visual white noise? When every report looks like a pixelated mess of bar charts and scattered data points, how can you expect stakeholders to spot insights instantly? Luckily, designing sleek, readable Power BI dashboards is within your grasp. With the right layouts, visuals, and data prioritisation, you […]

Our 5 Top Tips for Getting the Most out of Power BI

Read time: 1 minute

1. Ensure a clear layout that is easy to digest Clear data visualisation is key, so pay attention to how users will read the dashboard (i.e. left to right). Make it easy for the user to understand; they should be able to take a quick look at any data visualisation and immediately understand what it […]

Understand Global Emissions on Earth Day with our Power BI Dashboard

Read time: 1 minute

How to Integrate Dynamics with Power BI

Read time: 4 minute

Hi guys my name is Julius, I’m a Power BI developer for Bespoke and so I’ll be showing you how you can connect your Dynamics 365 sales data to Power BI in order to default visualisations like this into something like this, which provides much greater room for customization and branding. As well as allowing […]

Excel Alternatives: Why Power BI and Power Platform Excel Beyond Spreadsheets

Read time: 6 minute

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. It starts as a harmless spreadsheet for tracking expenses, a simple list of clients, or perhaps a humble inventory. And before you know it, Excel becomes the go-to tool, the jack-of-all-trades for every data need.  It’s as if Excel has become the duct tape of the business world […]

Seeing is Believing: How Power BI Dashboards Can Transform Your Data

Read time: 5 minute

When it comes to “data”, it’s easy for the uninitiated to feel overwhelmed by seemingly mundane numbers, graphs, and comparisons. Without the right tools to decipher the intricate layers of data, it can all appear quite daunting. With Power BI dashboards, though, that’s not the case!  Power BI dashboards reveal the stories buried deep within […]

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