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The challenge

The Reckitt Benckiser Group plc is a multi-national consumer goods company, headquartered in Slough. It is a producer of health, hygiene and home products.
Reckitt Benckiser approached Bespoke Excel with a unique challenge. The business had an existing process where there was a large amount of manual work involved in naming and renaming files and folders. Due to the sheer number of files being renamed (circa 1,500), this was causing a strain on operations time, as well as being susceptible to human error.

There was additional complexity in terms of where the files are stored, as well as ensuring that folders are not duplicated, deleted or moved elsewhere.


The solution

  • The consolidation and organisation of all related files into a single workbook.
  • Storage efficiency as well as avoiding duplication.
  • Folders are created automatically, according to the relevant cost centre code, as well as company name, year etc. This is to ensure that naming conventions are kept consistent and easily accessible.
  • Automated the entirety of the naming and saving process, reducing the manual, human element of finding, renaming and storing all relevant workbooks in a single location.

The result

By designing and developing a bespoke VBA based tool, we were able to devise a solution that would take over the drawn out, manual process of consolidating a large number of files. The macro massively increased efficiency overall, as well as took over the task of processing, naming and writing 1500 files to decentralised folders.


From the client

“The Bespoke Excel company is certainly very effective with gathering and understanding end user requirements and quickly turning requirements into a solution. They were able to come up with bespoke and user friendly excel solution. We run a cost centre reporting process that processes up to 1500 files and needed a VBA macro to consolidate the files and to write them out to decentralised folder locations. Throughout the entire process of design and test Bespoke had been very supportive. Pleased to be able to recommend them as an Excel solution expert company.”

Elize Rushton