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The challenge

The commercial team at Martin Baker wanted to create a bid pack tool that can be used as a template for generating all commercial bids across the business. This required the input of multiple users and departments across the business, as well as multiple iterations being tracked prior to completion.

The main challenge was ensuring efficiency and transparency throughout the bidding process, as well as tracking various iterations for audit purposes. Due to the nature of the industry, there was a high requirement in terms of security, accuracy and transparency. The solution required it to be intuitive and user-friendly, allowing multiple users across the business to be able to access the tool when required.


The solution

The main deliverable of the project was the creation of a “bid pack” template, which allowed multiple users within multiple departments to have access to the same workbook, all without having an impact on each other’s work. Finance, Operations and Commercial are just some of the teams involved in a bid at any given point. Each user would have their own set of login credentials, enabling them to have access to their part of the bidding process.

Multiple data sources were automatically pulled into the tool, which allowed information such as financial variables, bill of materials etc to be collated and shared easily. Users are then able to create the bid by using a checklist of variables, and then allocating certain commercial elements across the bid.


The results

  • Automated data entry from multiple sources was achieved.
  • Well validated and easy to use tool, allowing the commercial team to effectively and efficiently create bid packs.
  • Variables such as production schedules and client payment terms are easily manipulated and forecasted using an intuitive user interface.
  • One-page summary of each project bid, including variables such as profit made, total revenue and costs etc.
  • Production of an annual cash flow forecast, as well as a profit year on year breakdown.
  • Audit trail of tracked changes allowing full transparency of bid amendments throughout the iterations