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The challenge

Aston Martin were aware of some challenges related to their manufacturing operations, and thus enquired about a potential solution. They knew that the tasks at hand could be done in a more efficient way to increase time management and ensure accuracy, but down to the demanding nature of the job, their experts were too busy with more vital tasks to optimise the workbook themselves.

These manual processes meant that employees’ time was being wasted on e-mailing manufacturers; when it could have been spent elsewhere to ensure that Aston Martin continued to expand their brand image and overall awareness.

Down to the challenge at hand, as much automation as possible was required throughout this process to cut tedious tasks drastically; ensuring that all orders are analysed and processed within the desired time frame. With Aston Martin being an innovative name within the automotive industry, it was vital that as a team we conquered the challenge at hand with just as innovative Excel techniques.

We knew we had to create something that optimised Excel code for present and future trends; making the results long term and bettering the generic pricey templates offered online.

Since the tool was put into action, Aston Martin have seen some staggering results that no template comes close too; giving them an un-needed yet appreciated opportunity to further their pioneering position in the automotive industry.


Our solution

Our solution started by sitting down with Aston Martin and their team to uncover and understand every challenge the workbook created throughout their processes. Down to Aston previously deciding to invest in one of our services, we already had a quality understanding of their brand; their goals and their needs.

From the time spent converging both brands’ industry knowledge, we were able to seek multiple opportunities for process optimisation. We started by using VBA to automate e-mails sent to their suppliers, ensuring all orders are made and no time is wasted with manual tasks. Along with this, we automated a reminder e-mail to be sent to unresponsive suppliers; naturally making for vast improvements in time management and order reliability.

Throughout the project, we thought it would be a good idea to make data analysis processes easier; through simply giving them the option to scan folders and categorise orders based on their status, allowing users to easily see which e-mails have been received by the suppliers.

Throughout creating the tool, we were constantly making sure our approach was the best option, with sufficient code testing that maintained a high quality product and a strong final result.


The results

Since putting the tool into action, Aston Martin have seen an array of benefits to their manufacturing process, with 100% of orders being made also being followed up on; without any manual processes.

Apart from process improvements, the workbook optimisation has eliminated tedious daily tasks collaring the team; creating a much more positive mind-set.

The Tool has also freed up much needed internal resources, which have allowed Aston Martin to stay on top of important deliverables, ensuring consistent client satisfaction.

This may seem like a small outcome, but in the big picture, this tool has given Aston Martin an extra opportunity to further their customer care, through employees now being able to give customers updates on their purchase; reinforcing the true professionalism and luxury of the Aston Martin brand.