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1. What is the role of a Non-Exec Director?

A Non-Exec Director (NED) provides either general or very specific advice to the board of a PLC, SME, or Partnership. This advice can vary from Financial, Strategic or HR dependent on the size of the company. Critically this advice is objective and doesn’t require the NED to engage operationally within the company.

2. How long have you been involved with Bespoke?

I have followed Bespoke’s journey through regular contact with the Managing Director, Sam, and Business Development Director, Jordan, for 5 years but actively involved as their NED for 3 years.

3. What do you find most interesting about working with Bespoke?

The number of Microsoft-related acronyms!

Seriously, their enthusiasm and willingness to solve problems and make things happen productively.

4. The best piece of advice you’ve ever been given is …

I always tell myself “take what you do seriously, but not yourself”.

5. How do you think working with a Non-Exec Director helps a business?

An NED should bring experience from other businesses and values that help the incumbent management make decisions that can improve how they work and to improve the type and style of organisation they aspire to be.

6. What is the best book you have ever read? 

I really liked ‘Shadow of The Wind’ by Carlos Ruiz Zafon as at the time I first read it I was in Barcelona frequently. I have a very large collection of business books that have only been partially read! 

7. Where do you think Bespoke is heading?

Bespoke is growing and becoming a leader in its field, having transformed itself over nearly 10 years of evolution. Bespoke will continue to evolve and lead in helping organisations across all sectors to adopt the Power Platform successfully.

8. Where is your favourite holiday destination?

I’m lucky to have a villa in Menorca and that continues to be our favourite place, it’s the quieter of the Balearics and has great beaches and local restaurants with very friendly locals who thankfully put up with us Brits.  

9. What has surprised you most about Bespoke since working with them?

If you are in the business of transformation, you must be able to lead by example and I’ve seen some positive changes in the way Bespoke operates and attracts business and talent. What hasn’t changed is their confidence in investing in people and processes that facilitate this. It’s surprising how a young team can adapt like this so dynamically.

10. What are the values that drive you?

Open mindedness, honesty , good humour, and the power of coffee.


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