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The Intricate Nature of Spreadsheet Development

At Bespoke Excel, we provide an outsourcing option for individuals and businesses who want unique spreadsheet development. We have created a large portfolio of work and these include, but are not limited to:

Project Management/Budget Monitoring

Excel makes spreadsheet development a lot easier for businesses since they can make any type of new project, like an outline for a new business venture or even a budget monitoring system. Businesses can also outline their initial expected costs, and when these actual costs arise in the business they can update their progress easily via Excel. In addition, businesses can make a spreadsheet that tells them when they are going over budget.


Dashboards in Excel and executive reports are effective, and a great way for businesses to improve their reporting packages. In addition, businesses can put compliments on spreadsheets since it provides good data visualization. Excel is really flexible, so businesses can design their dashboards in anyway they want.


Bespoke Excel can also help businesses create custom invoices with their branding and company logo on it. The invoices can stand alone or they can even be linked into a reporting sheet that will track and manage their billing.

Quotation to Invoice Spreadsheets

Recently a car repair company used Bespoke Excel to create an invoice spreadsheet that required complex quotes, and then it used the number of tables to estimate costs that the business would have. This was then used in another invoice which printed out information that was calculated in the original quote.

Stock Control

One of the most common uses of Excel is for small businesses or sole traders is to monitor sales and stock levels. At Bespoke Excel, we have plenty of experience in creating stock management systems for various types of industries. Businesses who have larger and more complex projects can request a quote form to build a user friendly and unique stock management system.

Raw Data Conversion

We receive many requests from clients to edit and adapt raw data from either an internal monitoring software or the internet. Bespoke Excel recently did a spreadsheet development project where the client wanted raw text files to be imported into a worksheet, and then it would be edited and cleaned into useful data that the business can actually use. The data was then fed into a automatic reporting workbook which put together various visualization techniques for the data itself. In addition, the report was analyzed using breakdown tools that were provided, or they were exported as HTML to be put into monthly newsletters and emails.

Macro/VBA Design

Macros developed in Microsoft’s VBA provides many resources for businesses and their spreadsheet development projects. We at Bespoke can create custom code macros to complete any new task whether its importing text files, creating new functions, or even cleaning and ordering new data for use.

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