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Activate the Formula Bar Using an Excel Shortcut

When you are working in an Excel spreadsheet you have the option of entering data or a formula directly into the cell you are working in, or you can use the formula bar that is situated just above the work area of the spreadsheet. You may often find it easier to enter or edit the data using the formula bar, which you can access by simply clicking on it, or an easier option is to use your keyboard

You can activate a cell by pressing the F2 button, this will allow you to edit the data in the cell, but if you want to be able to activate the formula bar when you press F2, you can make this possible by setting it up in the Excel options dialogue box.

Open up the Excel options box and then click on the Advance button. You will now be presented with a list of editing options.

Now go down to the Allow Editing Directly in Cell and make sure you untick the box. Then click OK to exit the options dialogue.

Now, when you want to edit a cell by going directly to the formula bar, pressing F2 will activate the formula bar straight away.