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Our Solutions

Prescription Market Overview

  • Providing you with quick and easy access to NHS Prescription Data, so that you can:
    • Gain deeper insights into key markets
    • Visualise national and regional primary care potential for new and existing products
    • Access historical data and map out market trends
    • Select products by; BNF chapter, sections, product description and geography
    • Benchmark your performance against the market and your competitors
So, whether you’re looking to launch a new product, or develop a growth plan for your existing product – this tool gives you what you need.

Market Opportunity Analysis

  • For those wanting a more granular view of the prescription market, our Market Opportunity Analysis dashboard allows you to drill down to;
    • Manufacturer
    • Region
    • CCG
    • PCN
    • Practice level
    Enabling you to access reporting which details:
    • UK Market Overview
    • Market Share Analysis
    • Total Spend Analysis

Payer Engagement

  • This enhanced account management tool has been designed to empower your key accounts, by providing them with actionable intelligence.
    Meds managers can access these insights at any time, allowing them to make continuous improvements to their prescribing habits and patient pathways. Because of this, our unique analytics platform not only complements your key account development strategy but has the power to transform it.
    You will also receive regular engagement reports which allow you to track which key accounts are utilising these insights and which aren’t.
    Get in touch with the team to find out more about how you can improve patient outcomes.


Budget impact models

Our budget impact models are the perfect way to present complex information with real clarity. You can present analysis which shows the benefits of switching to your brand and outline prescribing behaviours.

Our Pharma budget impact models use national prescribing data at practice, primary care organisation or country level (within the UK) and deliver high-impact visuals that are clear and easy-to-understand enabling you to see cost-savings in an instant.


These rich insights allow
you to

  • Benchmark your performance against that of your competitors at a granular level
  • Access historical data and map out market trends
  • Strengthen your proposition and gain the competitive advantage

To better inform your decision making, get in touch now for a demonstration.

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Features at a glance

NHS prescription data

Geo-mapping capabilities

Hone in on specific areas with precision

Patient pathways

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Data cleansing and checks

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