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Benefits of Tailored Prescription Data Analysis

By utilising diverse consultancy expertise, we are able to optimise the systematic analysis of prescription data in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Automation, error-handling, and tailored data security measures set strong foundations for a pioneering approach to error-free prescription data analysis.

At Bespoke, we don’t just deliver data. We deliver meaningful data that’s made for you. Data that not only joins the dots, but identifies them in the first place – giving you information that has the power to transform the way you work, and the work you do.

– Optimised accuracy throughout prescription data analysis
– Cost saving over time through reduced error
– Efficient prescription analysis due to ensured accuracy
– Tailored processes to optimise prescription data clarity

487 million
prescriptions analysed
9.7 thousand
GP practices indexed
32.5 thousand
products categorised
135 CCG’s

Geographical tiers

Full drill-down capabilities, all the way down to GP practice level.


Tailored filtering

Tailored filtering is one of the diverse ways that companies are choosing to optimise their data to save time and money. Not only this, but being able to set custom filters allows users to autonomously ensure 100% accuracy when analysing prescription data.


Product categorising

Analysis into BNF data, helping make smarter business decisions. Being able to categorise data sets is a relatively common, yet massively effective aspect to prescription data analysis; saving companies time & money in both the short, and long run.

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