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Digital transformation is a HOT TOPIC. Everyones talking about it (including us). But how many are actually walking the walk? You see, technology isn’t the stumbling block. It’s the people. People are the secret sauce to successful digital transformation. And that’s where the Power Platform Centre of Excellence (CoE) comes into play.

Imagine the CoE as your trusty guide, helping you navigate the maze of digital transformation. It’s not a physical place, but rather a team within your organisation. These are the people who align your digital transformation with your Power Platform strategy, ensuring your journey runs smoothly.

Here at Bespoke XYZ, we’re all about helping businesses like yours harness the power of the Power Platform and make complex processes, simple. 

So, let’s dive into how the Power Platform Centre of Excellence can turbocharge your business processes.

What is The Power Platform Centre of Excellence?

The Power Platform Centre of Excellence isn’t just a fancy term, it’s your secret weapon for digital transformation.

So, what’s it all about?

In a nutshell, the CoE acts like a dedicated team within your organisation that champions the Power Platform. It provides the tools and insights required to ensure everyone is on the same page, follow best practices, and maximise the Power Platform’s potential.

With the CoE, all parts of your company are aligned and working together smoothly, creating a seamless symphony of efficiency.

One of the key tools is the Power Platform CoE Starter Kit. A digital transformation toolbox, brimming with pre-built templates, guides, and best practices. It’s designed to put a rocket under your Power Platform adoption, saving you time and effort.

But the Power Platform CoE Starter Kit isn’t just about saving time. It’s a strategy to standardise governance, enhance collaboration, ramp up security, and supercharge productivity across your entire organisation.

The Advantages of Using the Power Platform CoE Starter Kit

Imagine you’re about to assemble an IKEA flat-pack wardrobe. You’ve got a sea of screws and a pile of wooden panels, but no instructions. Sounds like a massive headache!

If only you had a detailed guide that included detailed instructions and helpful diagrams. That sea of nuts and bolts just became a lot less daunting!

That’s exactly what the Power Platform CoE Starter Kit does for your digital transformation. It’s your how-to guide, your cheat sheet, your roadmap. Turning what might seem like a complex task into a more manageable, enjoyable project. 

Here’s a few of the benefits…

1. Standardised Governance and Practices 

Acting as a rulebook, the Power Platform CoE Starter Kit ensures everyone in your organisation uses the Power Platform consistently, reducing confusion and boosting efficiency.

2. Accelerated Implementation 

Prebuilt templates for governance, change management, and more help you save time and effort during your digital transformation journey.

3. Increased Efficiency and Productivity 

By streamlining your Power Platform implementation, the Power Platform CoE Starter Kit helps you deploy new applications and workflows faster, increasing your productivity.

4. Improved Collaboration and Communication 

Through the tools included, your organisation can build a Power Platform governance team and establish a communication plan, enhancing collaboration and knowledge sharing.

5. Reduced Risk and Increased Security 

Offering guidance on security and compliance best practices, the Power Platform CoE Starter Kit acts as a security guard for your digital transformation, helping protect your sensitive data.

6. Greater Flexibility and Scalability 

Designed to adapt to your changing business needs, the Power Platform CoE Starter Kit ensures you can continue to benefit from the Power Platform as your organisation evolves.

7. Ongoing Support 

With regular updates and new resources from Microsoft, you’re always up to date with the latest best practices and tools, similar to having a customer support line for your digital transformation.

The Building Blocks of the Power Platform CoE Starter Kit

The Starter Kit is made up of three main components: the Core Component (Admin), Governance Components, and Nurture Components. 

Like a well-oiled machine, these components work together to create a comprehensive Power Platform COE.

1. Core Component (Admin) 

This is the engine room of your CoE. The Admin component includes key features like the Admin Dashboard, environment management, notifications and alerts, and Admin analytics. 

In a sense, it is your Power Platform control centre, providing insight into your environment and allowing you to manage it efficiently.

This includes managing your Tenant, which is your organisation’s dedicated instance of the Microsoft cloud, and using Admin analytics to monitor capacity and activity on Microsoft Dataverse, Power Apps, and Power Automate. This comprehensive view allows you to keep a pulse on your digital transformation, ensuring everything is running smoothly and efficiently.

2. Governance Components

Think of these as your Power Platform rulebook. Keeping everyone on the same page ensures a consistent, secure, and compliant Power platform. This includes the Sample Audit Process and Monitoring and Reporting, which keep a close eye on your operations.

But it’s more than just rules. The Governance components also offer frameworks and templates, your blueprints for success. They help you establish best practices and uphold high standards across your organisation.

3. Nurture Components

These are the support systems of your Power Platform CoE. They include aspects like Training and Education, User Groups and Communities, and Feedback and Improvement. Like a coach, it provides support and enables your Power Platform users to perform at their best.

Each of these components plays a vital role in your Power Platform CoE. The Admin component keeps everything running smoothly, the Governance components ensure everyone is playing by the rules, and the Nurture components provide the support your team needs to succeed. Together, they form a powerful toolkit for your digital transformation journey.

How Bespoke XYZ Can Help in Establishing Your Power Platform Centre of Excellence

Now you’re probably wondering, ‘How do I actually get started?’ That’s where we come in!

At Bespoke XYZ, we’re passionate about helping businesses like yours navigate the world of digital transformation. 

We can help you set up your CoE, from understanding the Power Platform CoE Starter Kit to implementing best practices for governance and nurture.

By tailoring the Power Platform to your unique business needs, we ensure that your journey to digital transformation is smooth and efficient. Ready to power up your business with the Power Platform Centre of Excellence? Get in touch with us today and let’s start your digital transformation journey together.

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