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The formula you use to merge cells in excel is typing &” “& between each selected cells and then press Enter on the formula bar.

e.g   =A1&” “&B1&” “&C1”

By leaving a space between the &” “& you will have a space between the data, entering  &”, “&  will separate the data with a comma.

It is possible to merge cells in excel, combining the data from two or more cells into one. This is commonly used to enter a title along the top row of a spreadsheet. But this is also useful if you need to combine lists of data, like names and addresses into one cell. You should be aware that if you merge cells in Excel, only the data in the far left cell will be left in the new single cell, all the other data that were in the other cells will be erased, but there is away to work around this.

To put a title on your worksheet you enter the title in the top left cell in your spreadsheet and then highlight the number of cells that you want to make up the title. On the home tab of the ribbon there is the merge and centre button, if you click on the arrow to show the drop down menu, then click merge and centre. This will merge all the selected cells and centre the title.

To merge a number of cells into a single cell. You can use a formula that will do that for you. Before you use the formula you have to select a cell that you want to enter the data into.

Once you have merged the data in the first cells, you use the fill handle to complete the rest of the cells to be merged. Now, you will have the three original cells and a single merged cell with the data showing as a formula. You have to copy and use the special paste option to paste the data as a value. The original cells are no longer needed so they can be deleted, so now you just have the merged cells.


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