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Working with Excel inevitably means handling data, but sometimes this data comes from a source other than Excel. This can be from a text file, word document, webpage or any other source. Usually copying and pasting data doesn’t format correctly, leading to errors and poor data security.

In the example below we are trying to import data from a .txt file.

Import data

Copying and pasting this data wouldn’t work so you need to do it through Excel.

Open the Excel file that you need and select the cell where you want the data to be imported into.

Import data

Select the type of data that you want to import.

Import data

Then go through the text import wizard. In this example we are selecting that the data is delimited as commas are used to separate each field. And we also need to select that the data has headers.

Import data

You can then need to select the delimiter and check that it is correct in the data preview.

Import data

You can then format the data if required.Import data

Click finish, then okay and your data will be imported.

Import data


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