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Harness the power of the cloud and big data. We know that when it comes to data, there isn’t one solution that fits all. That’s why we designed and developed our Healthcore, which sits at the centre of all our Pharma data solutions. The Healthcore is a cloud-based solution that automatically consolidates and cleans hundreds of data sources, from publicly available data such as; NHS data, prescription data, HES, DAC and demographics to our own proprietary data sets. The Healthcore simplifies complex data – saving you the hassle.


Why Healthcore?

Enhanced user experience

Accurate data

No amends are made to any publicly produced data sets to ensure 100% accuracy, and all data is subject to stringent quality checks before delivery.

Increase demand

Added value

Adds value to your proposition, by driving insights, allowing you to make more informed decisions and giving you a competitive edge.

Accelerate growth

Latest data

We specialise in providing the very latest data sets, such as; DAC (dispensing appliance contractor) and HES (hospital episode statistics) and making them usable for our clients.

bi development

Increased efficiency

Healthcore optimises data management and processing costs through its flexibility, providing you with next-level analytics so your business becomes more efficient, productive and accurate.

Enhanced offering

One solution

Working with Bespoke allows you to bring together info, insights and industry experience, so that you have one solution which underpins your market access strategy.

What data is included in the Healthcore?
Our Healthcore is made up of numerous different data sources, including NHS data, such as;

NHS Prescribing data

  • Also known as RX data, prescription data, ePact (electronic prescribing analysis and cost tool) or Pact (prescription analysis and cost tabulation) data. This data is used to analyse prescribing data in terms of cost and number of items. It allows users to monitor and control prescribing costs and to set budgets.

DAC data

  • Dispensing appliance contractor – details dispensed prescriptions by pharmacy, appliance and dispensing doctor.

HES data

  • Hospital episode statistics – contains details of all admissions, outpatient appointments and A & E attendances at NHS hospitals in England. The data is collected during a patient’s time at hospital and is submitted to allow hospitals to be paid for the care they deliver. HES data is designed to enable secondary use, that is use for non-clinical purposes, of this administrative data.