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Excel automation not only makes life easier, it makes business processes better

We speak to countless managers and Excel users who are looking for an effective, lightweight Excel automation system that removes the long-winded procedures involved with inputting and analysing data manually in Excel. Not only is the manual approach extremely tedious, it also eats into an organisation’s valuable availability of resources and leads to a much higher risk of human error, not only from not having automated error-handling, but from boring manual tasks naturally leading to a loss in productivity. This is the case for all businesses, regardless of their size or sector.

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Why automate?

Increase efficiency and save time

Automation is the logical solution, but businesses often struggle to make this transition, particularly without any prior experience of automating key processes or large datasets within important spreadsheets – such as optimising years of historic data through automated data importing.
While macros for automation can open up a world of opportunities, if automated processes aren’t deployed effectively in the first instance, this can cost a business more time and money to fix further down the line.

Increase efficiency and save time

Migration and integration

Create custom data dashboards

Generate reports in high volume

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