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Green Kite is a professional inventory company working with agents and landlords across the UK to carry out over 10,000 detailed inventories every year.

Their highly-skilled team carry out numerous inventories, check ins, mid-term inspections and check outs on a daily basis – for multiple agencies. Green Kite pride themselves on delivering extra value to their clients through documenting photo-based reporting, issuing quality-control proof reading of documents and ensuring speedy report returns to clients.

The challenge

Chris Gault – Associate Director, Operations is responsible for the smooth running of the day-to-day operations of Green Kite. Managing a team of up to 60, Chris and his team found themselves spending numerous hours and days manually consolidating data to create reports which gave them a detailed view of property inspections carried out.

Due to the large size of the team, there would be numerous instances of selfreporting, then many wasted hours questioning the validity of their reporting. To enable the Green Kite team to scale effectively, they needed a much more efficient and accurate way of reporting, pulling from a single source of truth. Their new diary management system, Inventory Base, provided access to some level of reporting, but not in enough detail to allow the team to scale effectively.


The solution – Power BI

Bespoke worked with Green Kite to understand the KPI’s of most value to them. Then, creating a custom API which integrated directly with their diary management system, they were able to develop a Power BI dashboard which allowed them to quickly access current performance, as well as view actual revenue vs target. A key component to the dashboard is the ability Green Kite now has to drill down into specific information on; time taken to complete jobs, inspections results, incomplete jobs and specific clerk activity.

The entire solution allows the team to work more accurately at a greater speed. The visual options available in Power BI meant Bespoke were able to advise on how best to present the data to ensure the team are able to see what is most important to them at a glance, so they are quickly able to put in place improvement processes.


The Results

Through the creation of a custom Power BI dashboard, the team at Green Kite can work smarter and faster. The ability to access rich insights quickly, means the team can consistently monitor performance and quickly put into place any remedial measures where needed.

Individual team members can bookmark and filter reports to ensure they are quickly taken to the information which is of most importance to their role.

The interactive nature of Power BI has provided the team with the necessary information to work much more collaboratively, consume far more information, and act on the necessary improvement insights. Because of this, across the business, Green Kite has saved a day a week on manually producing reports and intelligence insights, now better spending their time on improvement areas.


From the client

“The Power BI dashboard that Bespoke has created for us allows us to work much more efficiently as a team. We no longer question the accuracy of the reporting, and don’t have to wait for reports to be submitted from our team of inspectors, we have scheduled refreshes of the data every 1 to 2 hours, so are comfortable in the knowledge we are viewing the very latest information. The consolidation of all the data points has saved us a day a week across the business – meaning we can concentrate our efforts on using the insights the data provides us with to focus on improvement areas.”

Chris Gault – Associate Director, Operations