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The client

Avalara is a multi-national accountancy company, specialising in helping businesses of all sizes achieve compliance with their international VAT and transactional tax obligations. Avalara offers more than 500 pre-built connectors into leading accounting, ERP, ecommerce and other business applications.


The challenge

Making Tax Digital is a key part of the government’s plans to make it easier for individuals and businesses to get their tax right and keep on top of their affairs.

Avalara discussed their requirements for their automation project, and how Bespoke can work on producing a solution that adheres to HMRC regulations. The main aim of the project is to provide an easy and accessible way for international small to medium sized businesses to submit their VAT returns digitally, in an efficient and effective manner.


The Solution

1. Built a bespoke Microsoft Excel Add-In tool that talks directly to the HMRC ‘Make Tax Digital’ website gateway, allowing for the businesses to submit their VAT returns.

2. Provide the functionality that allows businesses to submit their quarterly VAT returns with simplicity.

3. Allows businesses to retrieve previous VAT submissions for ‘Obligations’, ‘Liabilities’ & ‘Repayments’ from the HMRC website gateway for a specific time period using customised date selectors.

4. System Validation that ensures VAT submissions are 100% correct. The validation process includes a traffic light system with key instruction notification messages to businesses on how to submit their business returns correctly.

5. Help sections throughout the Avalara Add-In tool that covers all business eventualities when submitting HMRC returns.

6. Saves your businesses HMRC Submissions to PDF’s for your historical records where required.”