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Recently we finished a complex automated quotation system for a small language college in London.  The principles behind the clients request were simple, something to easily create quotes through selection of various packages and then a database to monitor and prompt the follow up of these quotes. We designed and constructed the following system:

Quotation spreadsheet

The input screen, part of which can be found on the right hand side was created as a simple user interface. Unfortunately we cannot show the full screen due to confidentially. This screen as well as allowing an easy input of general personal data then had a series of packages and relevant prices to choose from. All the client then needed to do was add the relevant items to the particular quotation. From this a series of options could be selected, the simple interface can be found below.

Macros written into the program would then take this format of data entry and manipulate it into a quotation that was then saved as a PDF and either emailed or printed and sent to the client.  Further to this, the client could choose to ‘Write to Account’ which would log all the data in a database format to allow for monitoring the work sent out.  The database can be found below, please note fictitious information has been added for the single record required for the example.

Further to this the quotation could be completed reset and cleared at the click of a button. This would then allocate a new unique invoice number to be logged in the database, and also input the relevant automated data such as the date of the quotation.

Do you have a similar task that needs completing or an issue you need resolving in Excel – Then get in touch with Bespoke here.


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