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Ashfield Engage are an engagement and commercialisation partner for the Healthcare industry. They create personalised and impactful experiences for all healthcare audiences, across multiple channels.


The Challenge

Underpinning their go-to-market approach is Ashfield Engage’s reliance on their team of analysts, who provide the business with data insights such as; target and segmentation, dashboard reporting, qualitative insight generation and other general reporting services. A long-established data warehouse and infrastructure meant that Ashfield required fresh eyes on their existing analytical set up and data processes, so they could plan for the future and become more efficient and effective, as well as lay the foundations for their future ambitions. 


The Solution

By carrying out a Power BI scoping workshop exercise, Bespoke were able to assess Ashfield’s existing environment and skillset of the existing analytics team. Thorough interviews were conducted with all the key stakeholders to get a robust view on Ashfield’s existing analytics output – this allowed the team to understand where they were strong, and what else was required to make them more effective. These insights were pivotal for Bespoke to then present back a roadmap for analytics adoption in a scalable manner.



“The outputs and recommendations provided by Bespoke were of significant value to our business”

– Greg Draper, Digital Excellence Director, Ashfield Engage.


The outcome

Bespoke provided Ashfield with their recommendations in the form of a project roadmap which detailed short, medium and long-term priorities, along with an analytics system architecture design. The team at Ashfield were then able to use this information to inform their wider commercial strategy and have started to roll out the suggested priorities, enhancing the team’s capabilities and reporting outputs.

“The outputs and recommendations provided by Bespoke were of significant value to our business. We were so bogged down with the day-to-day requirements of the business, we needed to take a step back and the work Bespoke did allowed us to redefine our processes, prioritise projects and create a roadmap for how we want to develop our offering over the next 3 years”.